Lunch date with The Dashingly Dapper Elisha Lim

February 24, 2010 3 comments

Lunch Date: Elisha Lim ( ) on February 23, 2010. 100 Butches, v1:

Peach Garden is closed for business – for good?

Lunch Location: Well, initially Elisha’s choice was Pho Hung, but it was closed. And then the LL suggested Peach Garden, our personal favourite for Vietnamese fare.  But much to our collective dismay, the Peach Garden was also closed, and we fear it may have closed down for good. So, under pressure we picked a lovely Vietnamese sandwich/snacks/and prepared foods shop nearby. You should check out Banh Mi & Che Cali: Sandwiches and Sweet Dessert located at 310 Spadina Avenue next time you are in Chinatown! What we ate: Oodles of Chow Mein Noodles, bok choy, pineapple pork, sauteed green beans with peppers, and what we mistakenly thought was egg pudding. What Elisha ate: Chow Mein Noodles, shrimp wrapped sugarcane, ribs, and a dessert of bean balls in coconut tapioca.

Lunch Review:

This place is decent for a quick cheap lunch. The prices are very reasonable for the sheer quantity of food dished up. Best deal though: Subs for only $1.75! In terms of our meals, Elisha thought the sugarcane/shrimp was rather dull. He was not impressed by that, but did enjoy the ribs and his dessert. Stilinh and Xtina thought their meal was pretty tasty, but felt that the food could have been better heated, or at least microwaved. Our dessert was smooth and silky, but it was definitely no egg pudding! Foiled by agar imitation!!!

Not egg pudding!

So much food!

Yummy selections

Summary of our thoughts on Elisha: The Lunchin’ Ladies are very much smitten with this sexy stud! He’s so dreamy and was thoughtful in all his answers to our questions, whether silly or serious or both. Elisha is creative, radical, and super HOT! We spent hours talking, about all kinds of stuff and didn’t want the lunch to end…And so we took ourselves to the local Tim Horton’s for some yummy Steeped Tea and a Canada donut. –For the full interview with Mr. Elisha carry on reading below; we highly suggest you do! — Xtina: Why did you choose this restaurant as your second choice? Elisha: I always get a rush out of the variety here. And it’s also very aesthetically pleasing. Stilinh: What’s your favourite dish here, and did you order it today?

Xtina is enthralled by Elisha

E: The dessert balls. It’s a dessert with coconut milk and tapioca. It reminds me of the desserts in Singapore, of ice kachang in particular. X: What’s your favourite word, and why? E: Oh my god – I’m going to betray all the others! My favourite word this month is “infatuated” because someone told me they were infatuated with me. And it has the word “fat” in it that I liked.  I mean, “In-skin-uated”? That just sounds like a lie! S: What’s your least favourite word, and why? E: I really hate to be told I can’t do things, so the word “can’t.” I’m involved in many projects and people tell me I can’t do them. I like to prove them wrong – it motivates me. X: If you were a root vegetable, which one would you be? Why?

Note: these are not your standard down-home root vegetables.

E: <very pensive> Somehow I’m averse to root vegetables. That’s funny, I never realized it until now. Root vegetables were often a big part of the ingredients used by former “granola,” hippy, and white roommates of mine for almost all their meals. There’s nothing inherently wrong with root vegetables, but I always felt excluded when this hippy set exclaimed “Look at how I’m so connected to the earth, I’m serving you roasted sweet potatoes, potatoes, and parsnips!” I guess I took offense at the essentialist notion that roasted/baked/mashed potatoes are universal comfort foods. Root vegetables make me lonely! X: Point me in the direction of this granola house! I love sweet potatoes! <giggles> S: Word on the street is that you have a book/graphic novel coming out called 100 Butches, v.1. What inspired you to create it? E: I was broke and living off my girlfriend. And I was on my way to my waiter job feeling depressed. So, I answered this add for gay comics in the back of Diva magazine. So I would say part of the inspiration was definitely desperation! X: To what extent does your identity as a queer person of colour influence your art?  Do you see your art as a political act and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

Elisha with the Lunchin’ Ladies

E: Oh gosh, that’s big. My identity influences everything I do…I was interviewed on a blog called “Art threat: Art for Political Change,” I felt that I had to do something with my art to start feeling better about the world. I’ve been using 100 Butches, v1 as QPOC (Queer Person of Colour) activism and the main medium of that is to survey who I think is sexy, all about who deserves to be in this book. So, I’ve been paying attention to QPOC attractions and featuring them. It feels very radical because whenever queer is talked about, queer is persistently white, skinny, able-bodied with a geometric haircut. S: Do you see yourself in the portraits of butches you create? E: Yeah! I didn’t realize this but apparently I have a particular affliction – I’m double gay. I like to present as masculine and am also attracted to masculinity. I’m drawing what I admire but also what I want to be. It can be a strange thing in the queer community for a butch to hit on a butch. In the white queer community it seems easier to be gender fluid.  I also want to emphasize that it’s racist to categorically label non white communities as being inherently homophobic; it’s not about homophobia – it’s more about access to resources and an ina-

Some steeped tea and a canadian donut to finish the afternoon.

bility to take risks. There’s more at stake when you are a queer person of colour; It’s hard enough as a person of colour to get a job when you’re presenting straight. I think it’s important to note that gay resources are very white-centric: photos, the language used, even the organizations of groups in terms of who gets to be voted in as the president of the queer club at U of T, for example. It’s hard to be a newcomer and to access resources and enter communities. You’re just not embraced to be the next gay poster child. When you are a QPOC you have to very clearly perform within the binary. It’s hard to be a masculine person of colour without being emasculated or criminalized. S: What do you find attractive in masculinities, in butch masculinity? E: No one’s ever asked me that. It’s interesting. I realize that it’s a very specific masculinity that I am attracted to – it’s a subverted masculinity. Plain, hetero-socialized masculinity is a bit of a turn-off for me. I guess self-entitled masculinity is not a turn-on for me. As a presentation or seduction tool, I think it’s so powerful. When someone performs masculinity to seduce someone and takes that risk… I think that’s so hot.

Yum – Donut!

X: Now I want to seduce someone as a man! S: Not only are you a talented illustrator and writer, we hear you are also in a band called the “Sex Appeals.” Tell us about this project and your role in it. E: I’m really, really, proud of this QPOC community. I think that especially in the last 5 years this community claimed the stage. I used to go to gay clubs and feel unattractive and now because of all these QPOC projects and parties I feel like a star! The “Sex Appeals” is a natural progression of these projects. We launched this band at a party designed for us called “POC Starts” and the community went through so much trouble colour co-ordinating our outfits and putting glitter on our faces. We had so much support from this community and I’m so proud of everyone. “Sex Appeals” lives up to its name thanks to the support of everyone… X: Do you think in the future you will come out with a book on “100 Femmes, v1?” And if so, can the Lunchin’ Ladies be in it? E: People have pointed out that there’s the real chance that I’m exhibiting sexist behaviour in my selectivity and in my art. As much as I’ve talked about how hard it is to be a man of colour, it’s harder to be a woman of colour. I couldn’t sincerely write a comic book about 100 Femmes I’m attracted to – though I could mention a few – but I would be very proud to write something about women I admire.

Eating some of Elisha’s bean balls

X: We hear you’ve got game. What is the worst line you’ve used successfully? E: That’s such a funny question…Well, I was in Germany at a party and I was asking for a translation so that I can hit on the dj – a fine butch – and so by the time I was sitting with her at the back of the staircase I had this line ready, but fumbled it. What I wanted to say was “You’re wonderful and I’d like to kiss you,” but instead I said, “You are wonderful and I am a kisser!” S: That’s hot! I love it. X: That’s awesome…I’m gonna use this line

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